T.O.: Titletown

Just a short note of congratulations to TFC for winning their first MLS Cup – the first for a Canadian-based team, making it even more significant.  TFC has been the best team in MLS for the past two seasons (they were the better team in last year’s final as well, you’ll recall, despite losing on penalties).  They are now in the conversation about MLS all-time “super teams” – amazing considering the ignominious start this franchise had.  Most importantly, I want to offer congratulations to my friends who are die-hard TFC supporters and have been even in the lean years – you truly deserve this wonderful moment.

I don’t write about TFC because I admit I don’t feel I have the technical knowledge of the game required to do it intelligently.  But I am more than a casual footy follower and have enjoyed watching the building of this franchise.  Altidore, Bradley, and Giovinco are now household names in this city. This team, this sport, has become a big deal.

It’s amazing that Toronto, a city that has endured much disappointment from its teams over the years,  will see its second championship rally in less than two weeks tomorrow, following the Argos Grey Cup triumph last month.  The Jays, Raptors and Leafs all remain more than competitive.  Enjoy this, Toronto, because it’s truly a golden era, and no one can predict how long it will last – or when the next one will come along.