Dear Ricky Ray…I’m sorry #Argos

Dear Ricky:

I’d like to think it takes a certain amount of integrity to admit when you’re wrong.  That’s why I want to say publicly in this forum I was wrong about you, and want to take this opportunity to apologize for some of the things I’ve written on here over the past couple years (please don’t scroll down).


I had advocated your departure from the Toronto Argonauts for some time.  Not because I ever doubted your talent or your ability. You don’t win four Grey Cups by accident. No, it was your lack of durability and the lack of support you had on your offensive line that made me question whether your time in Toronto had passed.  In successive seasons while injuries plagued you, the former management of the club chose you over more mobile up-and-comers Zach Collaros and Trevor Harris.  I believed at the time they had a better chance of bringing a Grey Cup back to the team I’ve followed and loved since Cedric Minter was a rookie than you.

Then came 2017.  When you went out in week 5 with an injury, I thought we were about to see the same old story all over again.  But in a twist of fate, you bounced back, while the younger Collaros and Harris have been banged up in Hamilton and Ottawa.  Thanks to Jim Popp and Marc Trestman, you finally got an offensive line that could protect you.  And things began to turn.  You won 8 of your last 10 games, including a 34-27 win over Edmonton I attended at BMo Field in September, the first CFL game I’d been to in nine years.

The winning drive you engineered in the East final was as thrilling a CFL finish as any I’ve seen.  And with the score tied at 24 late in the 4th quarter Sunday night, I found myself on the edge of my sofa, repeatedly pleading under my breath “just one last drive, Ricky, just one last drive.”  And you delivered.

So congratulations, Ricky Ray.  I have never been happier to be wrong in my life.  Retire, don’t retire, stay, go, I don’t care.  Do whatever you want.  You’ve earned that choice.  And my respect. Here’s hoping your perseverance both personally and collectively will spark a revival of interest in Toronto in a team that will always be a part of who I am.

Thank you, and again, I’m sorry.